Geometry and Data Analysis

 can be used in designing buildings before they are built to give an idea and details how the building is built. It can be also used in hobbies like quilting and keeping fishes. When in quilting, geometry is used to determine whether how much fabric to use and whether the quit blocks fit.
For example, when keeping fishes,the water in a tank needs to have a certain volume as well as surface area in order for the fish to thrive. Pastimes like quilting and other design projects use geometry extensively. 

We can use data analysis when we are doing research for projects and people who buy stocks, they can make use of data analysis to find out whether it is the right time to invest in the stock market or not.
Finance Managers can also make use of data analysis to keep track of the sales in the company and detect if there are losses or profits in the finances of the company and whther a company should invest in particular projects or not.
Data analysis can also be used when we are comparing results.


  1. I believe this post is hard to read for a primary school kid. However, I found the information very useful and fabulous. One more point is that I think we must all rephrase the information given on the internet.Also, please state the URL of the website you extract the information from

  2. Geometry:
    Geometry is the study of shapes and structure.It is to understand and classify spaces in various mathematical contexts and in daily life. (What)
    Data Analysis:
    Data analysis is analysing "raw data" and using the key data to use.(What)