The "Algebra" that we know...


We use algebra when comparing the prices of telephone networks or cars and working out how fast it could take to get to a specific location. Also for how much paint you would require to decorate a specific area and how many plants can be planted onto a specific area. Below is an example of how algebra can be used when seeing the number of items you could buy using a certain amount of money:
If you go to the supermarket and have ten dollars to spend on five two dollar chocolate bars. This gives us the equation 2y = 10 where y is the number of chocolate bars you can buy with ten dollars. Many people don't realize that this sort of calculation is algebra, they just continuously do it!

Group members: Wang Yi Chieh, Jonathan, Ying Liang


  1. What is algebra? Some people might know but some might not. Perhaps you should try to explain more specifically what it is. Just a reminder.

  2. Who are the people???
    Why should we use Algebra when we go to the supermarket???

  3. I think you added 4 Ws. Try explaining what is algebra! :)