6 AM QUIZ #1 (15 January 2011) - Answers

Q1 I thought of a number, double it, subtract 10 and I got 52. What was my number?
Ans: 31
Q2 If you add 10 to my number, then multiply the result by 3, you'll get 42. What was my number?
Ans: 4
Q3 Multiply my number by 5, add 3 and you'll get 48. What was my number?
Ans: 9
Q4 If you triple one-eighth of my number, you get 9. What was my number?
Ans: 24
Q5 If you take 4 away from my number, then divide the answer by 3, you'll get 11. What was my number?
Ans: 37
Q6 Half of five times my number is 10. What was my number?
Ans: 4
Q7 I thought of a number, multiplied by 5, added 13, then divided the result by 7. I got 49. What was my number?
Ans: 66
Q8 My two numbers work like this: If you multiple them together, you get 224. If you divide them, you get 14. What are they?
Ans: 4, 56
Q9 My two numbers work like this: If you add them together, you get 106. If you subtract them, you get 12. What are they?
Ans: 47, 59
Q10 The number I'm thinking of is 2 more than a multiple of 7 and 3 less than a multiple of 5. What is it?
Ans: 37, 72, 107, 142, 177... (in steps of 35)
Q11 If you divide your number by 8, the remainder is 2. If you divide it by 9, the remainder is 5. What is it?
Ans: 50, 122, 194, ... (in steps of 72)
Q12 My number is a square number. One-quarter of it is a triangular number. I can think of two answers to this puzzle! Guess what are these 2 answers.
Ans: 4, 256, 2916, ...

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