20110118: We have a Problem

In S1-01, there are 4 groups altogether, of which 3 groups have 6 members while 1 group has 5 members.

In the Maths class, every member in the group contributes points to the group score.

What would you suggest to compute the points so that it's fair to all 4 groups?

One representative from the group shall submit your suggestion under comments.
Remember to indicate your group name.


  1. Mark Tay Hao Yang1/18/2011 03:27:00 PM

    We can take the top 5 scorers and count the scores.- Ze Specs

  2. We can take the average of the top scores from every group and add them to ours. -Domo

  3. The average of the the group's score is the missing person's score.-Milo