2011, Jan 20: Getting started for Research Project "Ancient Numerical System"

1. Group Formation  & Getting Ready
On your own, form groups of 3-4 to do the research project.

  • Submit your group and name the spreadsheet (Email your name and group if yours is ready after class).
  • Create a GoogleSite for this project. You may have all members as owners.
  • Invite me to your GoogleSite and assign "owner" right to me, too.
2. Sections in the GoogleSite
Your GoogleSite should comprise of the following (to be organised in an appropriate sequence)
  1. Title - the Ancient Numerical System
  2. Findings, based on the research focus spelled out in the GoogleSite
  3. End Product
  4. References (follow APA style)
  5. Group members: Role and Responsibilities
  6. A brief write-up (about 200 words) on the challenges the team and how the team overcame. Give suggestions the process could be improved.
Deadline of this project is 28 January 2011

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